Cocoa Butter Bath Melt + Bubble Scoop

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Let’s talk about how cool these scoops are real quick 👇🏻

The scoop itself is our signature bubble scoop topped with a rich cocoa butter glaze. This creates decadently smooth water with a mouthwatering chocolate fragrance. This hybrid bubble bath / bath melt scoop is nutrient rich and moisture dense thanks to the organic, unrefined cocoa butter. This scoop won’t produce as many bubbles as our traditional because of the added oils, but this will be milder on gentle skin and leave you buttery smooth.

Scented in Chocolate Covered Strawberries.


The ultimate skin softener - cocoa butter rich solid bubble bath scoop topped with a solid bubble bath melt. Made with ultra gentle surfactants for a non-greasy rinse off with a light layer of bubbles for some fun. This hybrid leans more toward to bath melt side, meaning silky soft water with minimal bubbles.  For traditional bubble scoops,  please see the other listings.

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