About Us

Meet the Creative Force Behind Authentically Radd:



Hello there!

I'm Kim Radd, the founder and soul behind Authentically Radd. Here, we celebrate authenticity, individuality, and all things wonderfully radd!

My passion for fashion and the inception of Authentically Radd was fueled by a deep-rooted belief: everyone deserves to feel beautiful in their clothes, regardless of size. It's this principle that ignited my journey in the fashion industry and inspired the creation of a brand that champions inclusivity and individuality.

At Authentically Radd, we're not merely following trends, we're paving the way for a fashion revolution that encourages you to discover and embrace your unique style. I believe in the transformative power of wearing something that truly mirrors who you are inside and out.

When I'm not hand-picking the latest collections or connecting with our vibrant community, you can find me indulging my love for travel, making precious memories with my family, or pampering my adorable fur babies with all the love and cuddles they can handle.

I’m thrilled and grateful to have you here as part of the Authentically Radd family. Your style journey is an essential part of our story, and we can't wait to explore and celebrate every step with you.

Stay authentic, stay radd, and let's create a world where fashion is a celebration of our unique selves!

Warmly, Kim Radd

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